Loft Conversions

We have spoken about the many different types of garage conversions in this blog, but now we would like to talk about something a bit different. Once you have been able to convert your garage, you need to start looking towards other potential ways to improve the property value of your home. One of the ways to ensure that your home is still rising in property value is through a loft conversion. Loft conversions follow the same basic principle as a garage conversion for the most part, with some few minor differences depending on the loft conversion you decide to go with. There are a few different loft conversion options, and you need to make sure that if you can pick the one that matches both your needs and the roof that you have in your home.

A loft conversion is a simple job just like a garage conversion. It does not require the same amount of resources in terms of labour costs and hours to complete, but at times it may cost the same as a property renovation depending on the conversion that you decide to have. With a mansard conversion for example, you will be investing the most resources in terms of labour costs and raw materials, as well as taking more time to complete. However, the mansard conversion also gives you the opportunity to produce anywhere from two to four rooms, while also acting as almost an extension within the top of your home.

There are other types of loft conversions that you could also get to create living space within your home. One of these examples would be the dormer loft conversion. While it does not give you as much space as a mansard conversion may be able to give you, it does technically extend the space within your home and especially the top of your home. It also means that you get to maximise the current space within the loft itself, providing the perfect opportunity to maximise the space within the home itself. This is a best for all solution, and the dormer conversion means that no matter what you do you can fit in enough space within the room.

The other type of loft conversion is a hip to gable. This type of conversion means that you would have to invest the least in terms of labouring costs, materials and especially man hours. Not too much work needs to be done to the structure of the home, and the idea of a hip to gable ensures maximising space without an extension. This is the cheapest, but it also provides the least increase in value of all options. The benefit to using a hip to gable conversion however is that if the room you would like does not need to be in a bigger space, then you are investing wisely. If you do not need the extra space within your home, there is very little to no need for getting an extension along with your conversion.

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