Bedroom and Bathroom Garage Conversion

Although we have discussed so many types of conversions for your garage already, one of the obvious rooms to implement within your garage conversion is a bedroom and bathroom combination. The bedroom and bathroom combination are very good for both the usability and comfort factor of the conversion, and for the property value aspect. A bedroom and bathroom will allow you to not only house a family member (or a new family member if yours is still growing!) but it could mean a variety of other things. You may decide that you want to rent out a bedroom within your home, and you would like to get some monthly rent income. This is one of the better things that you can do, since the garage does not necessarily mean you must give the person who would be renting the room access to your main home. Depending on how the conversion is done, they may only have access to their room within the garage.

The bedroom conversion itself is quite a simple project. Like some of the available homes within the garage conversion options, there is very little if any structural work that needs to be done to the garage itself. At best, you may need someone (preferably the converter) to build a partitioned wall within the room to separate the bathroom and the bedroom. Apart from that, you may also ned some electrical and plumbing work done within the garage to help insulation. Anything else however is completely optional, and depends on what you are looking to get within the conversion. The best part about a bedroom and bathroom conversion within your garage however, is the fact that it mainly comes down to the furniture and the furnishings.

The garage itself is a room that must either be built foundationally strong due to it being within the home, or it is attached to the side of the home for ease of access. Either way, it means that the garage allows enough space away from the home itself to be its own separate entity. That makes the focus of the bedroom come down to the furniture’s and finishing’s. Picking out the correct floorings and wall paint is probably the most important task of the conversion, followed by the furniture itself. These are the things that truly make the garage conversion into a bedroom.

The focus needs to be ensuring that there is both an obvious design scheme for the bedroom itself, and to also ensure that design scheme is met. There is no point trying to design a garage conversion just to end up mistakenly turning half the bedroom into a different design. You need to ensure both proper planning and budgeting goes in towards the design process. The next thing is to ensure all furniture matches those same design schemes. Colour schemes and design schemes practically go hand in hand, and ensuring you find the perfect balance and match means a lot more money added onto the value of your property. This however, can be said not just about the bedroom but practically any room that you decide to convert your garage into, so I would remember this before proceeding with any project!

If you are looking to get your garage converted, I would personally make sure you know what you want before investing!