Gaming Room Garage Conversion

One of the coolest garage conversions that I have seen done in recent times was when one of our neighbours had their garage converted into a gaming room. Although we often complete garage conversions, this is something that we have yet to undertake, so we are admittedly a bit hazy on the ins and outs of a gaming room for a garage conversion. What I will say however, is just how cool the conversion was and some of the few things that I had managed to pick up from the conversion both by asking the neighbour who did it, and seeing it with my own eyes. I do feel that if you are going to get your garage converted and you will not be turning it into an important living space such as a bedroom or a bathroom, then a luxury room like this is the best option both for functionality and for the property value that comes with the conversion itself.

The actual conversion was not a creative one. It didn’t seem to require (at least from what I could tell) an extension in any direction. It seems to me that the garage already held the necessary space for the majority or furniture and furnishings that were required for the games room. That is what in my mind made the conversion even more impressive. Often, we see companies convert garages by extending them towards a direction first, rather than trying to fit the required work within the restrictions that are given. In this regard, I am impressed by the work that was put on display by the conversion specialists.

The most interesting and useful feature of the games room itself was the noise insulation equipment. The walls and even the flooring which had gaps from the door had been covered in different noise insulation equipment that made the garage itself very private. Since with a gaming room you would need to have relatively loud speakers to go along with an also relatively large television, it is important for immersion to ensure you can have everything as loud as you may like. It is just as important to know that you are not being too loud for the neighbours within the area, since they would obviously not appreciate and absurdly loud television or speaker system going off in the middle of the night!

I also found the furniture and the design of the room itself to be just as impressive. The colour scheme and overall design of the room had an obvious structure that was stuck to, and it made the entire room blend together creatively. Not only where their retro themed posters and what I thought were cool decorations surrounding the room, but the room itself was covered in some of the most innovative and cutting-edge gaming technology’s too. Just taking an estimate of how much the gaming PC was, it had to have gone beyond £10,000. With all the vintage and retro decorations surrounding the room, there is no reason it didn’t cost less than £50,000. The room was one of the best garage conversions I have ever seen.

I hope that you enjoyed todays blog post, and as ever please stay tuned for the next garage conversion design idea!