Converting Garages into Sauna’s

One of the extremely innovative but also very useful rooms that you can convert your garage into is a sauna, steam room or wet room. The idea of building a sweat room within your home rather than a bedroom or a hobby room really comes down to what you would like to see. Most of the time when it comes to a conversion of any kinds, it is more about personal preference rather than what would increase the property value of the home or make you see a larger return of investment. Also, many times if you have a garage to begin with in the United Kingdom then you already have a home that is large enough for hobby rooms and you probably already have enough bedrooms that you do not have to worry about.

With something such as a sauna or steam room, you would create that type of conversion because you are looking for something new that you can take a lot of enjoyment out of. For most people, a sauna and a steam room set up is something that you would only ever find in a spa or at a top chain gym. However, if you can renovate an old garage into a steam room not only is it more accessible to those within the house hold, but it would also be a lot more relaxing to go from one room into a steam room. You would potentially be able to relax during whatever time of the day you would please, and the best part about it is that you would be alone while doing so, rather than sharing with others.

During our time as builders, we have built many saunas and wet rooms within garages around the United Kingdom. Granted, it is one of the lesser requested when it comes to a garage conversion but it is much more efficient to put a wet room in the garage rather than in a loft or a separate room within the household. The steam and humidity can really effect the structural integrity of the home, meaning that over time the foundations may get significant damage due to rot and mould. This is something you would have to worry about a lot less with a garage, since more of the time it is an extension of the home rather than attached to the foundations itself. The steam over time will be a lot less damaging to a piece of the house rather than a main part of the home itself.

Another good thing about having a sauna in your garage is that if you wanted to, you could build very good air filtration systems within the walls. You would not have to worry about the steam or humidity travelling to other areas of the home, and we can very easily block that out. Instead, we can have a filtration system built into the side of the wall that is exposed to the outside. This ensures that not only does the steam stay contained, but also that your home itself is not damaged over time.


In the next blog post, we are going to discuss other things that you can do with a possible garage conversion!