Garage Conversions

Around the United Kingdom and even around the world one of the things we are more often seeing are garage conversions. In the city of Manchester, we are seeing garage conversions on a sharp and large rise. In fact, I think it is the same all around the world due to the addition of space without having to use an extension or paying extra for an addition. With an addition or extension of usable living space within your home you would be required to pay a lot of money towards both labour costs and living costs although you may necessarily not want to. These costs will come into the tens of thousands, and perhaps even hundreds of thousands if you are considering adding space within the top of your home, meaning your roof will need to be extended also.

Another often popular choice alongside garage conversions to increase the living space within your home without having to pay so much excess is a loft conversion. Like the home extensions, loft conversions can cost anywhere between 25,000 – 60,000 depending on the space increase and the costs for the conversion itself. If you are looking for something such as a mansard conversion, the prices will only increase higher. This is also included if you want to extend the mansard conversion further to include as much new and additional space as possible. This is exactly why the garage conversion is becoming a more popular and useful conversion type.

With a garage conversion, for the most part you can create whatever you would like. The structural engineering and the foundations are already in place, and the choice of what you would like to do with it initially are restricted by whatever space you have. If you realise that the space you currently have will be enough for you to use without having to extend, you can save yourself a few thousand on material costs. If you decide the opposite and realise that you will in fact need additional space, the extension to a garage itself is much cheaper than other parts of your home. This very quickly makes the garage conversion a cost-effective way to increase the living space within your home for what is essentially an already created foundation.

A garage conversion allows you to increase your living space by one or even possibly two rooms if you have the size for it for a relatively low cost when comparing other ways to do so. When you consider the prices of both a loft conversion and a home extension to a garage conversion, you can quickly see that the increase is exponential for what is basically the exact same service. The prices of the steel beams and pipes and the extra raw materials and labour costs very quickly boost the overall price of a conversion or extension, making you invest much more into something that will not give you much more back. Any home owner that wishes to invest in their home or property – whether it’s the overall space or just the value – will realise that the garage conversion should be the first possible investment that you need to make. The ROI is much higher than the other options, and it is advisable to ensure any extra additions are necessary.