Loft Conversions

We have spoken about the many different types of garage conversions in this blog, but now we would like to talk about something a bit different. Once you have been able to convert your garage, you need to start looking towards other potential ways to improve the property value of your home. One of the ways to ensure that your home is still rising in property value is through a loft conversion. Loft conversions follow the same basic principle as a garage conversion for the most part, with some few minor differences depending on the loft conversion you decide to go with. There are a few different loft conversion options, and you need to make sure that if you can pick the one that matches both your needs and the roof that you have in your home.

A loft conversion is a simple job just like a garage conversion. It does not require the same amount of resources in terms of labour costs and hours to complete, but at times it may cost the same as a property renovation depending on the conversion that you decide to have. With a mansard conversion for example, you will be investing the most resources in terms of labour costs and raw materials, as well as taking more time to complete. However, the mansard conversion also gives you the opportunity to produce anywhere from two to four rooms, while also acting as almost an extension within the top of your home.

There are other types of loft conversions that you could also get to create living space within your home. One of these examples would be the dormer loft conversion. While it does not give you as much space as a mansard conversion may be able to give you, it does technically extend the space within your home and especially the top of your home. It also means that you get to maximise the current space within the loft itself, providing the perfect opportunity to maximise the space within the home itself. This is a best for all solution, and the dormer conversion means that no matter what you do you can fit in enough space within the room.

The other type of loft conversion is a hip to gable. This type of conversion means that you would have to invest the least in terms of labouring costs, materials and especially man hours. Not too much work needs to be done to the structure of the home, and the idea of a hip to gable ensures maximising space without an extension. This is the cheapest, but it also provides the least increase in value of all options. The benefit to using a hip to gable conversion however is that if the room you would like does not need to be in a bigger space, then you are investing wisely. If you do not need the extra space within your home, there is very little to no need for getting an extension along with your conversion.

There is a company based in the city of Manchester known as Manchester Loft Converters. They are a company who perform projects such as a loft conversion in Manchester, England and of course garage conversions every day. If you are ever looking to get your garage or loft converted, visit them or another company for sure!

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Bedroom and Bathroom Garage Conversion

Although we have discussed so many types of conversions for your garage already, one of the obvious rooms to implement within your garage conversion is a bedroom and bathroom combination. The bedroom and bathroom combination are very good for both the usability and comfort factor of the conversion, and for the property value aspect. A bedroom and bathroom will allow you to not only house a family member (or a new family member if yours is still growing!) but it could mean a variety of other things. You may decide that you want to rent out a bedroom within your home, and you would like to get some monthly rent income. This is one of the better things that you can do, since the garage does not necessarily mean you must give the person who would be renting the room access to your main home. Depending on how the conversion is done, they may only have access to their room within the garage.

The bedroom conversion itself is quite a simple project. Like some of the available homes within the garage conversion options, there is very little if any structural work that needs to be done to the garage itself. At best, you may need someone (preferably the converter) to build a partitioned wall within the room to separate the bathroom and the bedroom. Apart from that, you may also ned some electrical and plumbing work done within the garage to help insulation. Anything else however is completely optional, and depends on what you are looking to get within the conversion. The best part about a bedroom and bathroom conversion within your garage however, is the fact that it mainly comes down to the furniture and the furnishings.

The garage itself is a room that must either be built foundationally strong due to it being within the home, or it is attached to the side of the home for ease of access. Either way, it means that the garage allows enough space away from the home itself to be its own separate entity. That makes the focus of the bedroom come down to the furniture’s and finishing’s. Picking out the correct floorings and wall paint is probably the most important task of the conversion, followed by the furniture itself. These are the things that truly make the garage conversion into a bedroom.

The focus needs to be ensuring that there is both an obvious design scheme for the bedroom itself, and to also ensure that design scheme is met. There is no point trying to design a garage conversion just to end up mistakenly turning half the bedroom into a different design. You need to ensure both proper planning and budgeting goes in towards the design process. The next thing is to ensure all furniture matches those same design schemes. Colour schemes and design schemes practically go hand in hand, and ensuring you find the perfect balance and match means a lot more money added onto the value of your property. This however, can be said not just about the bedroom but practically any room that you decide to convert your garage into, so I would remember this before proceeding with any project!

If you are looking to get your garage converted, I would personally make sure you know what you want before investing!

Gaming Room Garage Conversion

One of the coolest garage conversions that I have seen done in recent times was when one of our neighbours had their garage converted into a gaming room. Although we often complete garage conversions, this is something that we have yet to undertake, so we are admittedly a bit hazy on the ins and outs of a gaming room for a garage conversion. What I will say however, is just how cool the conversion was and some of the few things that I had managed to pick up from the conversion both by asking the neighbour who did it, and seeing it with my own eyes. I do feel that if you are going to get your garage converted and you will not be turning it into an important living space such as a bedroom or a bathroom, then a luxury room like this is the best option both for functionality and for the property value that comes with the conversion itself.

The actual conversion was not a creative one. It didn’t seem to require (at least from what I could tell) an extension in any direction. It seems to me that the garage already held the necessary space for the majority or furniture and furnishings that were required for the games room. That is what in my mind made the conversion even more impressive. Often, we see companies convert garages by extending them towards a direction first, rather than trying to fit the required work within the restrictions that are given. In this regard, I am impressed by the work that was put on display by the conversion specialists.

The most interesting and useful feature of the games room itself was the noise insulation equipment. The walls and even the flooring which had gaps from the door had been covered in different noise insulation equipment that made the garage itself very private. Since with a gaming room you would need to have relatively loud speakers to go along with an also relatively large television, it is important for immersion to ensure you can have everything as loud as you may like. It is just as important to know that you are not being too loud for the neighbours within the area, since they would obviously not appreciate and absurdly loud television or speaker system going off in the middle of the night!

I also found the furniture and the design of the room itself to be just as impressive. The colour scheme and overall design of the room had an obvious structure that was stuck to, and it made the entire room blend together creatively. Not only where their retro themed posters and what I thought were cool decorations surrounding the room, but the room itself was covered in some of the most innovative and cutting-edge gaming technology’s too. Just taking an estimate of how much the gaming PC was, it had to have gone beyond £10,000. With all the vintage and retro decorations surrounding the room, there is no reason it didn’t cost less than £50,000. The room was one of the best garage conversions I have ever seen.

I hope that you enjoyed todays blog post, and as ever please stay tuned for the next garage conversion design idea!

Converting Garages into Sauna’s

One of the extremely innovative but also very useful rooms that you can convert your garage into is a sauna, steam room or wet room. The idea of building a sweat room within your home rather than a bedroom or a hobby room really comes down to what you would like to see. Most of the time when it comes to a conversion of any kinds, it is more about personal preference rather than what would increase the property value of the home or make you see a larger return of investment. Also, many times if you have a garage to begin with in the United Kingdom then you already have a home that is large enough for hobby rooms and you probably already have enough bedrooms that you do not have to worry about.

With something such as a sauna or steam room, you would create that type of conversion because you are looking for something new that you can take a lot of enjoyment out of. For most people, a sauna and a steam room set up is something that you would only ever find in a spa or at a top chain gym. However, if you can renovate an old garage into a steam room not only is it more accessible to those within the house hold, but it would also be a lot more relaxing to go from one room into a steam room. You would potentially be able to relax during whatever time of the day you would please, and the best part about it is that you would be alone while doing so, rather than sharing with others.

During our time as builders, we have built many saunas and wet rooms within garages around the United Kingdom. Granted, it is one of the lesser requested when it comes to a garage conversion but it is much more efficient to put a wet room in the garage rather than in a loft or a separate room within the household. The steam and humidity can really effect the structural integrity of the home, meaning that over time the foundations may get significant damage due to rot and mould. This is something you would have to worry about a lot less with a garage, since more of the time it is an extension of the home rather than attached to the foundations itself. The steam over time will be a lot less damaging to a piece of the house rather than a main part of the home itself.

Another good thing about having a sauna in your garage is that if you wanted to, you could build very good air filtration systems within the walls. You would not have to worry about the steam or humidity travelling to other areas of the home, and we can very easily block that out. Instead, we can have a filtration system built into the side of the wall that is exposed to the outside. This ensures that not only does the steam stay contained, but also that your home itself is not damaged over time.


In the next blog post, we are going to discuss other things that you can do with a possible garage conversion!

Garage Conversions

Around the United Kingdom and even around the world one of the things we are more often seeing are garage conversions. In the city of Manchester, we are seeing garage conversions on a sharp and large rise. In fact, I think it is the same all around the world due to the addition of space without having to use an extension or paying extra for an addition. With an addition or extension of usable living space within your home you would be required to pay a lot of money towards both labour costs and living costs although you may necessarily not want to. These costs will come into the tens of thousands, and perhaps even hundreds of thousands if you are considering adding space within the top of your home, meaning your roof will need to be extended also.

Another often popular choice alongside garage conversions to increase the living space within your home without having to pay so much excess is a loft conversion. Like the home extensions, loft conversions can cost anywhere between 25,000 – 60,000 depending on the space increase and the costs for the conversion itself. If you are looking for something such as a mansard conversion, the prices will only increase higher. This is also included if you want to extend the mansard conversion further to include as much new and additional space as possible. This is exactly why the garage conversion is becoming a more popular and useful conversion type.

With a garage conversion, for the most part you can create whatever you would like. The structural engineering and the foundations are already in place, and the choice of what you would like to do with it initially are restricted by whatever space you have. If you realise that the space you currently have will be enough for you to use without having to extend, you can save yourself a few thousand on material costs. If you decide the opposite and realise that you will in fact need additional space, the extension to a garage itself is much cheaper than other parts of your home. This very quickly makes the garage conversion a cost-effective way to increase the living space within your home for what is essentially an already created foundation.

A garage conversion allows you to increase your living space by one or even possibly two rooms if you have the size for it for a relatively low cost when comparing other ways to do so. When you consider the prices of both a loft conversion and a home extension to a garage conversion, you can quickly see that the increase is exponential for what is basically the exact same service. The prices of the steel beams and pipes and the extra raw materials and labour costs very quickly boost the overall price of a conversion or extension, making you invest much more into something that will not give you much more back. Any home owner that wishes to invest in their home or property – whether it’s the overall space or just the value – will realise that the garage conversion should be the first possible investment that you need to make. The ROI is much higher than the other options, and it is advisable to ensure any extra additions are necessary.


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